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I, Pesotskiy Nikolay Fyodorovich, address my requests to you about illegal criminal prosecution against me, breech of freedom of speech and thought, expression of views and creeds connected with my political and public activity. I am the chairman of the political party “National Labour Union of Ukraine”. I have an active social and political position an am the author of a number of books and articles in mass media. My article “Tabor uhodit v nebo” (that can be translated as “Crowd leaves for heaven”) was published in the newspapers “Vecherniy Lugansk” № 29 (445), 29.07.2009 and “Molodogvardeyets”№ 29 (327), 29.07.2009. In the article I express my opinion that personnel policy of local authorities does not favour the development of the region. The article had a form of an open letter to the head of regional council Mr. Golenko V. N.